SRC Solutions CEO Patrick Maher Published in School Business Affairs Magazine discussing the 6 Ways Going Paperless will Benefit Your District

An excerpt from the April 2014 issue of School Business Affairs Magazine, 6 Ways Going Paperless will Benefit your District:

Think about your school district: elementary schools, middle schools, at least one high school, and thousands of students, each with a file of data related to registration, transportation, basic skills, information technology, special services, and more.  If you’re managing information using paper, those files are going to get very daunting, very fast. Document management in any school district is a challenge. Students generate mountains of paperwork by simply being enrolled, and limitations in staffing, hours, and …

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About SRC Solutions, Inc.:

Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which simplifies and automates cumbersome, repetitive and counter-productive work practices replacing them with easy-to-use, innovative electronic processes. SRC Solutions flagship Gateway Suite incorporates solutions to manage online registration, validate and clean data, as well as improve Student Relationship Management in the K12 market.

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