Central Records Gateway from SRC Solutions expands On Demand document access for school districts

Central Records Gateway combines school district records retention requirements into one simple to use interface spanning student, human resources, business office records and more…

SRC Solutions is excited to announce the launch of Central Records Gateway and the Central Records Solutions Program (CRSP). Central Records Gateway is an evolution of SRC Solutions’ award winning document management solutions and bridges the gap from Student Records to HR Records as well as Business Office Records. SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway and document management solutions are in use in districts spanning the entire nation of the United States.

Central Records Gateway allows school districts to create, automate and relate digital documents across multiple stakeholders, various retention schedules and ever changing archiving policies. Through the CRIV program, Central Records Gateway can expand to incorporate any current or future district document source.

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Student-centric document sources may include Student Information Systems, Online Registration, Fee Payment, Medical, Transportation, Special Education and more…

HR-centric document sources may include Applicant Tracking, Online Hiring, Insurance, Background Checks, Payroll, Continuing Education Credit Management and more…

Business Office centric documents may include Accounting Software, Expense Report Management, Invoicing Systems, RFP Management and more…

What truly differentiates Central Records Gateway from any other electronic document solution is SRC Solutions dedicated efforts towards open integration with any third party document source as well as permissionable Electronic Cumulative Folder access to administrators, parents and students.

Central Records Gateway offers a four-pronged approach to existing and new document collection including desktop document scanning, multi-function device direct scanning, direct document flow through CRSP integration and bulk document distribution direct to online folder.

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“Central Records Gateway is an all-in-one self-manageable solution for school districts. Central Records brings record management out of the file cabinets and into the hands of permissioned users, making information typically trapped in forms actionable and relevant. Take one example of a student medical record. Traditionally, records have to be transferred from school to school within a district as kids age out of schools. With Central Records, the moment those students age into another school, permissions are automatically transferred to the new school medical professional. We are excited to bring this functionality to school districts and allow them to securely automate FERPA and HIPAA compliance in their records.”

-Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions, Inc.

Central Records Gateway doesn’t stop at document management and retention. Central Records Gateway also provides an easy to use form creation tool right within the application. Once forms are completed by the parents, students, employees etc… they can be automated to go back into the central record.

Document collection, organization and retention is key but the true differentiation is security. Central Records Gateway employs sophisticated security standards which match the access already in place within school districts. There is no need to reinvent security provisioning.

Central Records Gateway also makes district-to-district student transfers as simple as can be with a unique records packaging feature, allowing receiving districts access to specific student records from the sending district.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions, Inc. provides school districts a mechanism for positive process change. SRC Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of “Gateway” applications each designed to tackle obstacles standing in the way of the educational process.
For more information, visit http://www.src-solutions.com

Registration Gateway once again takes the District Administration Top 100 Readers Choice Award in 2015 for Online Student Enrollment.

School Districts have voted and the results are in.

Center Valley, PA, December 01, 2015

SRC Solutions, Inc., the expert in workflow process design for K12 Education announces Registration Gateway Online Student Enrollment has been awarded the District Administration Top 100 Reader’s Choice Award for two years straight.

Registration Gateway has grown both in customers and in functionality over the past year. Not content to rest on our laurels, Registration Gateway continues to be the thought leader in the Online Enrollment and Records Management space within school districts across the United States and beyond. SRC Solutions has collaborated with many of our districts to enhance Registration Gateway and to that end we owe them a huge thank you.

School districts have spoken loud and clear. Online Registration by itself is legacy and soon to be outdated. With the complexities surrounding FERPA, retention schedules and permissions districts are asking for more and Registration Gateway delivers with a completely integrated Document Management Solution called Central Records Gateway.

“Registration Gateway customers are a very discerning group and we thank them for being so. Delivering parents to an online portal is only one piece of the puzzle. Our customers focus on SRC Solutions solving the puzzle rather than being a single piece. The larger pieces that Registration Gateway delivers are innovative ways to assist in address fraud prevention as well as the ability to directly scan sensitive documents to a student record eliminating the risks of browse and upload.

One customer used Registration Gateway as a tool to identify 62 out of district students. That level of value just doesn’t come to fruition with other form type registration solutions. Whether it is our innovative approach to medical communications and reporting in school districts or our close and tight integrations with leading Student Information Systems, Registration Gateway is paving the road leading to the digitally transformed school district.” said Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions, Inc.

Where Registration Gateway ends, Central Records Gateway takes over. Central Records Gateway can easily transform your district paper headaches into living breathing protected digital student records that can easily and securely be transferred from district to district. Central Records Gateway also provides parent and student access to critical documents eliminating most or all of your district document requests for school age children.

Registration Gateway and Central Records Gateway are two of SRC Solutions Gateway Suite applications that deliver true workflow enhancement and digital entry points for school districts around the world.

Additional Gateway Suite Applications include:
School Choice/Lottery Gateway
Human Resources Gateway
Parent Conference Gateway
Address Purification Gateway
Records Request Gateway

Your district can take Registration Gateway and Central Records Gateway for spin by visiting our K12 Test Playground at http://www.src-solutions.com/playground.

The winners, selected by District Administration’s editors from a record 2,400-plus nominations, were products that received the highest number of nominations and best descriptions from K12 leaders.

The Readers’ Choice Top 100 has been announced online and in the December 2015 issue of District Administration.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions, Inc. provides school districts a mechanism for positive process change. SRC Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of “Gateway” applications each designed to tackle obstacles standing in the way of the
educational process.
For more information, visit http://www.src-solutions.com

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