This is How Online Registrations will Transform Your School

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When it comes to school administration, registrations can be one of the most chaotic times of the year.

The sheer amount of information being received is overwhelming in its own right, especially when the majority of that data is accurate and contains sensitive information about the students themselves.

Online registrations are a game changer for school systems, offering a digitized, streamlined process for enrolling students in your school.

Using an online system means less waste, more accurate data, and happier parents, students, and administrators, and in this post, we’ll show you how.

Less Waste of Resources 

When registrations are submitted and processed online, there’s an enormous burden lifted off the shoulders of your administrators that prevents a massive waste of resources — including time.

Online registrations can be submitted from anywhere, so you don’t need staff members on-hand to accept and process the forms.

This saves your staff time, and it saves you money. You can either reduce the number of hours that your staff works, or allocate those hours to more valuable and essential tasks.

There’s no need to file physical paperwork, freeing up an enormous amount of space in the school and reducing the carbon footprint of your school.

When you consider that around $200k is spent on paper by the average school annually (costing around $3-4k per month for paper, ink, and toner), this is an enormous cost savings.

It’s estimated that 28 million sheets of paper are used by the average school district annually, so being able to cut down on even a small percentage of can go a long way to making your school a little more eco-friendly, too. 

More Accurate Student Data 

Having accurate, reliable information on all of your students is important. Health or safety concerns are an issue once you factor in things like…

  • Updated vaccination records;
  • Learning disabilities that require additional needs;
  • Emergency contact information;
  • Student transportation information.

With online registrations, student data is more accurate. Parents submit student information directly online. Once a year, parents verify or update the data. That’s it!

Parents are much more likely to keep these online forms updated and to do so in a timely manner than physical paperwork, which is easily lost before it ever reaches the parent in the first place.

And, since parents have access to the system in real-time to update any information, you won’t have people waiting until the beginning of a new year to come in to update the paperwork.

It’s fast, easy, and convenient for everyone involved.

Online Registrations = Happier Parents

We’re all busy, but parents really have their hands full. Many are trying to balance their careers, households, social lives, and parenting all in one.

If something is inconvenient, it falls to the bottom of the to-do list. It’s a nuisance for parents to dredge up time to make a special trip to the school to update paperwork or submit registration information. They’ve just got too much on their plates.

Online registrations result in happier parents. They’re able to complete the forms at home (or wherever) and at a time that’s convenient for them (read: after the kids go to bed at 8!). This ensures registrations are submitted before the deadline.

When the registration process is online, it’s much easier for parents to fit it into their schedule.

An added bonus: Parents have immediate control and access over their child’s records. Logging in and keeping records up-to-date is a non-issue with online registrations.

More Streamlined Process for Administrators

You want parents to be happy, but it’s even more important for school administrators to be happy! Online registrations streamline the process for administrators like nothing else will.

Your staff has instant access to the database to see who has registered. This provides ample opportunity to reach out to those who still need to submit the forms.

Student information is easy to access, like which students have special needs. Easily misplaced or incorrectly filed information is accessed without rifling through filing cabinets or chasing down paperwork.

To sweeten the deal even more, admins have  access to documents remotely even if they aren’t in the office. This allows staff to take their work home with them when needed.

Ability to Translate Documents into Different Languages

Something goes overlooked in school systems is that fact that not all parents are native English speakers.

In fact, a recent survey from Pew Research Center found that 9.5% of students in the United States take English learning classes, meaning that their parents may not be fluent or may also be learners, too. 

Online registration software like Registration Gateway offers these parents the ability to translate documents into the language they’re most comfortable speaking. 

The paperwork becomes instantly more accessible, and once submitted, administrators can  translate it back into the language they speak.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, including the students. They deserve equal footing when it comes to their education.

Information Security and Data Control

Unfortunately, paper registrations aren’t the most secure option. These forms are easily  misplaced or lost, both on the way to the school and even within the school itself. 

Accidents happen, as hard as we may try to avoid them. The result is sensitive student information — including social security numbers, health records, and school performance — becoming vulnerable to security risks.

Digitized school records require a designated login that’s protected by a password, so only those with clearance have access to the files.

Sensitive information is simply more secure in digital form than on paper. It doesn’t hurt that digital forms are difficult to damage or corrupt; if the school caught fire, the paper registrations would burn. And a break-in could result in the files being stolen outright.

And yet, in either of those scenarios, digital data is left untouched.


School administrators and parents alike have so much to keep up with that streamlining important processes like registration is a solid choice.

Online registrations are easy to use, convenient, and save money by reducing the time and resources needed to take in and accept the information.

Everyone’s lives improve from the use of online registrations. And the students themselves benefit from having data that’s up-to-day, secure, and accessible by those who need it to serve them best.

Interested in learning more about how you can start setting up an online registration system for your school? See what we can do for you here

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