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How to Get K-12 School Registration Done During Social Distancing

It’s time to prepare for school registration, except the process looks completely different than it ever has before.

In the U.S., tens of thousands of K-12 schools nationwide have temporarily closed their doors and many are planning to remain closed through the end of the school year. 

Typically, a district would have months to develop detailed registration plans and even test an online registration process prior to going live.

However, in these times of uncertainty and social distancing, moving to online registration is the right thing to do to ensure the health and safety of students and school staff.

With the following tips in mind, your K-12 schools can quickly implement online registration while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Keep It Simple

Now is not the time to overwhelm families with long forms and gobs of details. Keeping registration simple means families can register sooner and without having to call someone for assistance (but you should always give them someone to call). Be helpful but straightforward, and only ask for the information you have to have.

In addition to keeping registration concise, consider the experience from a point of view where you’ve never seen this process before. Could the fee structure be more clear? Are the next steps obvious? Starting with a step-by-step guide, including a list of FAQ’s and a description of fees will make your kindergarten registration process intuitive and seamless.

Move The Entire K-12 Registration Process Online

Many families will prefer completing the K-12 registration process online versus in-person because of the convenience factor alone. In this time where social distancing is so important, offering online registration is even more necessary. 

With the right registration software, it’s easy to set up. You can even use document management so that families can upload digital scans of essential paperwork such as shot records. 

Here are some reasons why online registrations is how your district needs to approach the process during mandated social distancing.

It’s 100% Paperless

Did you know that COVID-19 can live on paper for up to 24 hours? When districts move to online registration, there are no papers being exchanged. All necessary documents are easily uploaded by parents, so there’s no need for physical copies of birth certificates or shot records. This keeps your staff and families safe in their homes while decreasing the possibility for anyone becoming ill.

Quick and Easy Set Up

School registrations for the upcoming year need to happen soon, so a quick turnaround is the ticket. Look for a turn-key solution, like Rapid Registration, where the remote training of your staff and the implementation of the tool can all be completed within two weeks.  

SIS Integration

Speaking of time savings, the information collected with online registration forms is automatically delivered right to your student information system. This virtually eliminates the need for manual data entry and increases the speed of the entire enrollment process.

Clean and Accurate Data

With paper forms, important pieces of  information can be illegible or inaccurate. Worse yet, vital form fields can be left blank. All of these problems create extra work for your staff. Data accuracy increases immensely when schools move to online registration.

Parents are unable to move forward in the enrollment process without adding any required information or documents. No more skipped form fields!

Safe and Secure Data

Paper student registration forms are loaded with personal information. It’s also easy for paper forms to become lost and wind up in the wrong hands.

K-12 school districts need a solution that provides airtight security measures to ensure their students are protected from leaks. Look for an enrollment solution where security is guaranteed.  

It’s Accessible Anywhere

Many schools and districts are operating remotely to keep children, families and staff healthy. For a registration tool to be effective–especially when staff is working from home–you need a tool that is web-based and easy to manage from any location.

In addition, parents must be able to register their children from any device at any location. A web-based solution meets both of these challenges.


School registration is a special time for families, and some may have anxiety over registering their child during such unique global circumstances.

Be mindful that this can be an emotional time for parents. Adapt your messaging to be supportive and helpful. Keep the process as easy as possible for all involved.

Providing informative resources that point toward simple, streamlined online registration and payment is the ultimate way to make for a smooth online school registration.

Start as early as possible and get the district, parents, and students ready for another successful school year.

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