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How many students in your schools live out of district?

In many districts abutting rural areas that number can climb to up to 10% of your student population.  Can your district and community afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on out of district students?

“It continues to amaze me the lengths people will go to … the loopholes they will try to find,” said Maloy. “It’s a double-edged sword: We are proud of our schools, and that out-of-district families want their children to attend them, but our first responsibility is to provide the best education possible to students within our district,” said Aspen Superintendent Dr. John Maloy.

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Address Purification Gateway purifies your existing student address data to USPS standards providing a clean data set going forward.

Clean and verified addresses lead to quicker and more effective parent communication throughout the school year.

Address Purification Gateway shows household movement within our out of school district boundaries providing a tool to assist in the prevention of address fraud.

Address Purification Gateway provides the tools to identify students no longer living in district allowing schools to properly remove the students from their roles which helps to improve the accuracy of state reporting.

How much can Address Purification Gateway save your school or district?


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