Child Victim Act – What is this and will it affect my school district?

Child Victim Act, (CVA), was passed on Feb. 14th 2019.  Signed by Gov. Cuomo in NY State, it affects those New York school districts –  could your state follow ‘suit’?

The CVA was signed into law allowing alleged sexual assault victims to bring lawsuits (civil) until they turn 55 years old, previously was age 23.   The CVA provides a 1-year window to bring back old cases can expect to bring about lawsuits that were previously dormant due to the statute of limitations.

A victim, in a civil lawsuit, can claim their employer was negligent by turning a blind eye to the abuser’s actions.  School districts, churches, daycare centers are included in this pool and there is no cap on damages.

What Should I Know?

CVA has long been a debated topic. There are varied opinions on this but one thing is clear; it provides victims with a voice, when time had run out.  For school districts, it’s a good idea to put best practices into play and examine your district’s insurance coverage.  There is plenty of literature available online to read more about the law.  Another consideration would be to have a consult with an attorney on how to best handle these cases should CVA become a law in your district.

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