Cyber and Physical Security in Schools – What should you be thinking about?

The topic of school security is growing more visible nationwide and the pressure is mounting to implement viable solutions to cyber and physical threats.

If there’s room in the budget for a security solution, should you spread the funds between physical security options and cyber-security prevention?  Both areas are of massive importance.  No matter what or when you implement a security measure, in order for it to be effective and successful, there should be a process in place for thorough training to everyone involved.  The need to adhere to safety procedures is instrumental in avoiding a dangerous infringement to your entire districts’ records.  All processes need to be monitored.

One thing that has made a definite impact on deterring poor behavior is having security cameras on the school premises.  It has not proven to deter all crime, theft, bullying behaviors but it has decreased the incidences.

As more districts go paperless (eventually all records will be stored virtually), the risk of ill-meaning hackers goes up.  Parents, personnel and students need to trust that their welfare is of utmost priority to the district.  Adopting new technologies or security measure should be done carefully so that trust is maintained.

Both areas of security are of extreme importance – different but just as critical.  Savvy hackers are out there and becoming more and more adept.  The education arena falls fairly low in keeping up with security breach precautions.  Utilizing a strong, forward-thinking solution will provide peace of mind for the future.

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