Registration Gateway and Millburn Schools (NJ) partner to deliver Online Enrollment Efficiency

Registration Gateway and Millburn Schools (NJ) partner to deliver Online
Enrollment efficiency

Millburn Public Schools in New Jersey, has saved valuable time by implementing Registration Gateway, a digital enrollment solution by SRC Solutions, Inc.

Millburn Township Public Schools in New Jersey, has saved valuable time by implementing Registration Gateway, a digital enrollment solution by SRC Solutions, Inc.

Kindergarten registration began this year in early January, which is the most cumbersome registration process out of any grade in a school district. Every student in grade K is new, meaning a lot of information has to be shared for the first time between the school and the guardians. Proof of residence has to be established. Medical records have to be submitted and validated, especially for students with more complicated medical histories (i.e. allergies, learning disabilities, necessary administration of medication during school hours, etc.). Historically, school staff has had to invest months of their time to registration matters every year, between making and keeping appointments with parents, manually entering student data into their student information system and making sure the right departments have necessary copies of specific files.

Thanks to Registration Gateway, Millburn has eliminated manual student data entry into its student information system. Not only is the manual data entry eliminated, but the automated data collected from Registration Gateway is much more accurate. Staff no longer have to worry about translating each parent’s handwriting correctly, or neglecting more productive endeavors because they’re bogged down with data entry. Registration Gateway allows parents to enter all of their student information from comfort of their home computer, or in the school office if they don’t have personal internet access. Thanks to automated notification, they no longer have to worry about making copies – or more, importantly, making sure the right people have those copies. For example, if a Special Education, foreign-language-speaking Kindergarten student with a peanut allergy enrolls, Special Ed personnel, ESL personnel, the nurse and the cafeteria staff are independently and immediately notified.

“Millburn has embraced what becoming a paperless district is all about. From Online Registration to full electronic document management, Millburn has transformed to become a much leaner school district directly benefiting employees, parents and students,” said Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions. Parents no longer have to take time out of their schedules to come in and fill out a hefty registration packet. From Millburn’s website, a guardian can easily navigate to the registration information page, which provides all the details necessary to make an account on Registration Gateway and understand what the process entails.

100% of registrations this year were accepted through Registration Gateway and as part of Millburn’s process parents simply need to come in to the central office for final approval. This process is made incredibly easy for both parties by Registration Gateway which allows parents to schedule these appointments within the Registration Gateway portal. It allows them to see all of the available times in the central office and pick which one best suits their own schedule. After choosing an appointment time, the district registrar is instantly notified. Once all of the information has been entered and approved into Registration Gateway, automation makes sure that the right departments are notified about the new student.

“What makes Registration Gateway stand apart from other online solutions is the breadth to which SRC Solutions can customize a school’s program. Technical staff at SRC and Millburn work very closely in order to provide the most efficient implementation of Registration Gateway. Because the program can be tailored to solve any and all registration issues that stem from using paper, the program can morph to fit the needs of any individual student or parent.”

-Peter Lutchko, Registrar of Millburn Public Schools

Every school district could benefit by following Millburn’s lead, and reinvesting their time away from redundant data entry, and/or making and delivering multiple copies of documents.

SRC Solutions, Inc. provides school districts a mechanism for positive process change. SRC Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of “Gateway” applications each designed to tackle obstacles standing in the way of the educational process.

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SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Going all the way back to 2008, Registration Gateway was one of the first Online Enrollment solutions to offer real-time data integration to Student Information Systems.

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