SRC Solutions Announces Reporting Gateway

SRC’s newest Gateway application provides an efficient, highly-functional process for reporting.

SRC Solutions, the global leader in online registration, has announced the release of its new application, Reporting Gateway. This tool is a highly functional, web-based solution for generating standard and ad hoc data reports.

Built with the latest configurable analysis features in mind, Reporting Gateway allows a wide range of technical users to quickly design, create and deploy sophisticated business intelligence reports.

Reporting Gateway includes direct integration with all of SRC Solutions’ Gateway products, is easily distributed and used throughout the organization and offers speedy access to the information decision-makers need. A trained support staff is available to help customers use their data to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes.

“Organizations and institutions are feeling increased pressure to save time and money,” SRC Solutions Founder and CEO Patrick Maher said. “Reporting Gateway will allow them to become more efficient and streamline their efforts by helping them make data-driven decisions.”

Reporting Gateway joins SRC Solutions’ lauded suite of Gateway products, which have helped public and private organizations and institutions increase efficiency, eliminate paper use and use business rules to create custom workflows.

About SRC Solutions

With more than 5 million enrollments processed each year for schools, businesses and governments, SRC Solutions is the global leader in online registration. Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania company specializes in identifying cumbersome, repetitive and counter-productive work practices and replacing them with easy-to-use, innovative digital processes.

As an XEROX Platinum Partner and an authorized reseller for Kofax, Surety and Recruit Manager, SRC provides solutions for both the public and private sector, including document management, workflow improvement and integration into numerous ERP systems.

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