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Children standing in line to have their symptoms checked at school COVID-19 online heath screening
By Stephanie Jones / June 23, 2020

Why Online Health Screening Needs to Be a Part of Your District’s Reopening Plan

Have you ever considered how much physical contact happens on the first day of an average school year? Teachers high-five...

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Woman sitting at desk looking at computer screen holding eye glasses in hand k-12 school website accessibility ADA
By Ana Gotter / June 15, 2020

Is ADA Compliance an Issue for Your K-12 School Website?

Accessibility has long been a concern for K-12 schools. Educational organizations have always had to consider how to provide equal...

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Woman typing on laptop computer with smartphone near registration software
Blog, Digital Registration, Paperless Registration
By Registration Gateway / May 12, 2020

Google Forms or Registration Software: Which is Right for K-12 Schools?

Offering online forms for K-12 registration is a no-brainer for a multitude of reasons: they eliminate paper, they save administrative...

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Family sitting in their living room doing something on a computer online school registration social distancing
By Registration Gateway / April 2, 2020

How to Get K-12 School Registration Done During Social Distancing

It’s time to prepare for school registration, except the process looks completely different than it ever has before. In the...

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Empty K-12 school classroom resources for schools during Coronavirus outbreak
By Registration Gateway / March 17, 2020

The Best Resources for K-12 Schools During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Spring break plans are imploding, essential supplies are disappearing, and even major events and attractions are closing up shop because...

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Woman on her phone by a computer keyboard online registration k-12 school enrollment
By Registration Gateway / February 11, 2020

6 Reasons Online Registration is the Answer to K-12 Enrollment

The window for K-12 enrollment is very small. Yet, it’s a process for which administrators prepare for year-around. To create...

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Three teenage girls looking at a smartphone on stairs at school edtech trends 2020
By Ana Gotter / January 6, 2020

The 6 Hottest Edtech Trends to Expect in 2020

A great deal has changed in the education field in the last decade, especially with the emergence of newer and...

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By Ana Gotter / December 13, 2019

K-12 School Enrollment: 5 Ways to Make It Better Than Ever

K-12 school enrollment is a chaotic time of year for everyone involved, resulting in administrators and parents scrambling to complete...

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By Ana Gotter / November 25, 2019

This is How Online Registrations will Transform Your School

When it comes to school administration, registrations can be one of the most chaotic times of the year. The sheer...

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two hands typing on a computer with a green overlay online student registrations
Blog, Digital Registration, Digital Solutions, Paperless Registration
By Stephanie Jones / October 25, 2019

Manual or Online Student Registrations: Which is Safest?

  We know that safeguarding your students' data is a high priority. From birth dates to phone numbers to home...

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