Gateway Suite


The SRC Solutions Gateway Suite is the culmination of 15 years of research, development and customer deployment providing the only one stop shop for Student Lifecycle Management in K12.

Gateway Suite is comprised of eight independent yet completely integrated workflow solutions for K12 schools and districts along with seven add-on modules for additional functionality.

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Gateway Discipline creates a streamlined discipline incident reporting, data collection and distribution process.  Gateway Discipline can automate the notification processes as designated by the school or district as well as create an electronic document of the incident.

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Gateway Capture is directly integrated into your school or district’s multi function printing devices. Simply enter the student ID and scan documents directly to the student’s Central Records Gateway cumulative folder or Registration Gateway Premium student record.  Click here to learn more.

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Gateway GeoLytics is a module that interfaces directly with Registration Gateway to provide complete geo-analytical awareness of student home location and home school assignment.

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Gateway Mobile Capture provides the ability for parents or employees to upload supporting documentation direct from their mobile device into Registration Gateway, School Choice Gateway or Human Resources Gateway.

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Gateway Scan is the solution to taking existing documents that are clogging district file cabinets and warehouses and turn those documents into electronic records to to be safely and securely stored.

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Gateway Athletics takes the headache out of athletics registration and provides a simple and streamlined interface for students to either express interest in a sport or to complete the required registration.  Coaches can be provided access to create team calling lists are well as to review the level of registrations completed.

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Gateway Analytics takes in the hundreds of data points from SRC Solution Gateway Suite Applications to allow schools and districts to view Registration effectiveness through intuitive charts and graphs, create custom reports combining and filtering on those hundreds of data points, delivering scheduled report exports directly to district stakeholders as well as creating broadcast email messages to parents to relay new information from the district.

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Gateway eDelivery is a plugin module for Central Records Gateway that allows for bulk delivery of documents with sensitive information such as report cards.

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