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Are paper and manual records requests bogging down your district?

Records Request Gateway from SRC Solutions transforms your school or district’s manual record request processes into a profitable Records Request system with automated requesting, payment, fulfillment and archiving.  Click on the video to the right for a quick demonstration.

Click below to find out what makes Records Request Gateway better than the traditional records request process.

Records Request Gateway eliminates last minute records requests which interrupt already busy school offices

Records Request Gateway can turn your district records requests from a burdensome expense into a healthy profit.

Records Request Gateway offers built-in Document Upload or Scanning for school administrators as well as requestors.

Records Request Gateway offer multiple channels of fulfillment including pickup, mail and email.

There’s a better way to streamline your school or district Records Requests with Records Request Gateway from SRC Solutions.

Record Request Gateway can be utilized as a standalone application or can work in combination with any SRC Solutions Gateway Suite product to deliver enhanced functionality such as DoD level document storage with Registration Gateway or integrate with any Online Electronic Cumulative Folder solution such as Central Records Gateway.

Your records request process shouldn’t be a cost liability or worse yet a data breach liability. Secure those requests electronically with Records Request Gateway from SRC Solutions.

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