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The School Choice Gateway Difference

School Choice/Open Enrollment Gateway is a revolutionary system from the makers of Registration Gateway. The School Choice Gateway offers a configurable, rules-based solution to the unique challenges presented by school choice and open enrollment processes.  By combining intuitive data collection, acceptance logic and wait list provisioning, School Choice Gateway is a complete end-to-end solution to Lottery and School Choice challenges.

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School Choice Gateway eliminates manual data entry providing administrators and parents with a simple way to input correct information used in the decision process including error proof address entry and home school identifiers.

School Choice Gateway provides a completely integrated document collection system to obtain supporting documents needed for the decision process.

School Choice Gateway has a sophisticated decision engine that can incorporate any combination of school district qualifiers and disqualifiers.

School Choice Gateway offers both one time and ongoing waitlist management with the option for parents to move between waitlists and the decisions are processed.


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