Portland Public Schools deploys Registration Gateway Online Enrollment integrated with the Aspen Student Information System to achieve cost savings and efficiency

Portland Public Schools combats budget cuts with innovative online solutions.

Portland Public Schools has many goals to achieve success for their student. One of those goals is define and implement a comprehensive district-wide communication plan. One of the tenets of this plan is to refine and implement a district-wide communication plan including stakeholder involvement in the development of protocols and practices.

When faced with a reduction of secretarial staff over the summer, Holly Russo, Registrar at Portland had to come up with a plan. Russo partnered with Registration Gateway from SRC Solutions to refine and implement a new student registration process throughout the district, including information intake from parents, data integration into the Aspen Student Information System, and instant information access to district stakeholders.

“Shifts in staffing are a never ending battle for many of our school district partners and Portland is no different. School districts across the country are achieving tremendous return on investment and positive parent/district communication with Registration Gateway,” said Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions.

“Portland Public Schools has become more efficient in many ways. First, data entry for students will be consistent across the board. Registration Gateway allows me to complete a new student registration in half the time. The returning student site will eliminate the tedious steps that each school does now sifting through emergency cards reviewing data that needs to be updated. This process will be smoother and create an accurate student information system.”

-Holly Russo, Registrar of Portland Public Schools

Parent acceptance to a new process is key to success. Without parent adoption and support, the project may have a rocky start. Holly is happy to report that parents have been great about using Registration Gateway, as parents have experienced no issues.

“For new students, Registration Gateway is mandatory for enrollment. Parents have found the process easier than hand-written registration. We have completely eliminated the need for parents to fill out paper forms as well as ensuring parents entering the schools reside in the district through Registration Gateway’s Address Look-Up feature,” said Russo.

About SRC Solutions, Inc. | registrationgateway.com

SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Going all the way back to 2008, Registration Gateway was one of the first Online Enrollment solutions to offer real-time data integration to Student Information Systems and integrated document scanning and management.

Follett’s Aspen Student Information System to Partner With SRC Solutions for Online Registration Process

Partnership allows for simple yet dynamic online registration

June 14, 2016 – McHenry, IL —

Follett has selected the Gateway Suite from SRC Solutions, Inc. as its preferred and exclusive Online Registration development partner for the Aspen Student Information System.

As part of the relationship, Aspen will be integrating Registration Gateway and Central Records Gateway to provide paperless end-to-end solutions for Online Registration and Electronic Cumulative Folder Management. The fully integrated solution will be known as “Gateway Suite for Aspen.”

According to George Gatsis, Senior Vice President of Technology Platforms for Follett School Solutions, Registration Gateway will allow Aspen school districts to migrate their paper-based registration processes to a simple yet dynamic online registration environment. “This will drastically improve data and document collection, and provide advanced reporting, notification and visibility across the district,” Gatsis said.

Central Records Gateway will enhance user experience, Gatsis continued, by providing a full Online Electronic Cumulative Folder solution accessible directly from the Aspen user Interface. It is a highly customizable solution that allows documents to follow the student through his or her entire education lifecycle by incorporating user access, automated expiration and archiving, and finally parent and student document access provisioned by the district.

“Registration Gateway is the only provider to truly offer a system that can begin at the school of choice or lottery process, then take the parent experience to Online Registration and finally to Electronic Cumulative Folders,” Gatsis said.

He added SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway rose to the top of the selection process due to several key differentiators. Singled out each of the last two years by District Administration magazine as a “Readers’ Choice Top Product,” Registration Gateway:

  • provides a proven end-to-end solution, incorporating physical document scanning as part of the registration process, instead of risky and insecure browse and upload features;
  • offers a custom reports tool that allows joint customers to create any report;
  • incorporates tools to combat address fraud and provide a means to automatically request updated residency documents;
  • is a true workflow engine, and not just a simple static forms package.

 “SRC Solutions is excited to be working with Follett Aspen,” said Patrick Maher, CEO, SRC Solutions, Inc. “As school districts are held to stricter accountability standards, automated processes have taken hold where paper processes once reigned supreme. The Gateway Suite for Aspen takes on these challenges head on. We applaud Follett for doing their due diligence in selecting SRC Solutions – our product development, support and deployment stand second to none, and we look forward to proving this to our joint customers. Districts can typically see a 3-to-1 return on investment.”

Follett’s Aspen Student Information System hosts and manages student data, safely and securely stores data such as class schedules, student performance, health records, and athletic eligibility, and allows educators to closely monitor student progress, implement new curriculum, and conveniently communicate with parents.

Aspen currently serves more than two million students throughout 240 school districts in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about Follett, visit FollettLearning.com.

About SRC Solutions, Inc. | registrationgateway.com
About SRC Solutions, Inc. SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Going all the way back to 2008, Registration Gateway was one of the first Online Enrollment solutions to offer real-time data integration to Student Information Systems and integrated document scanning and management.

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Follett is the largest provider of educational materials and technology solutions to PreK-12 libraries, classrooms, learning centers and school districts in the United States, and a major supplier to educational institutions worldwide. Follett distributes books, reference materials, digital resources, ebooks and audiovisual materials, as well as pre-owned textbooks. Follett also is one of the leading providers of integrated educational technology for the management of physical and digital assets, the tracking, storing and analyzing of academic data, and digital learning environment tools for the classroom focusing on student achievement.

About Follett Corporation | follett.com

For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted partner to pre-K and K-12 schools, districts, and college campuses, taking care of the critical details that make it easier for schools to run, teachers to teach and students to learn. Every day, Follett serves over half of the students in the United States, and works with 70,000 schools as a leading provider of education technology, services and print and digital content. Follett is higher education’s largest campus retailer and a hub for school spirit and community, operating more than 1,150 local campus stores and 1,600 virtual stores across the continent. Headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, Follett is a $2.6 billion privately held company.

SRC Solutions Registration Gateway and Brookline Public Schools (MA) partner to increase collection of clean student data and reduce paper usage

Kindergarten registration was a whole new experience for residents of Brookline Public Schools.

Students enrolling in Brookline Public Schools in Massachusetts began registration through Registration Gateway, an online school solution that collects clean and accurate student enrollment information. Parent meetings were streamlined as well. What was once an arduous data entry process has transformed into a simple review and document collection meeting. A few simple clicks on the registrars computer and the student information is automatically populated into Brookline’s Aspen Student Information System. This simplified process has enabled Brookline Public Schools to eliminate costs, increase efficiency, and improve communication with parents and provide increased attention to student needs.

Brookline Public Schools has deployed Registration Gateway Premium which allows for documents to be scanned and stored electronically in highly secure electronic folders accessible only to specific district resources.

“What we most enjoy about Registration Gateway is the clean data that we receive through it. Registration Gateway improves efficiency for the district and the gives parents the ability to schedule appointments for school enrollment and provides registrar visibility to their specific appointments. Registration Gateway also allows us to see a schedule of these appointments so we can plan for them.”

-Jesenia Castro, Director of the Office of Student Affairs for Brookline Public Schools.

This saves time for both guardians and school personnel by allowing some parts of the registration to be completed before the appointment, and it prevents the need for staff to enter student information manually.

“Brookline Public Schools has been a fantastic partner to Registration Gateway and is realizing the savings that we see from all of our customers. We are proud to have helped Brookline work through their internal changes to deliver a completely customized solution from Online Registration to Document Management.” said Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions Inc.

Brookline Public Schools is an especially diverse school district providing English Language Learning programs for native speakers of Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian, and provides a wide range of special education services by working closely with student families and the Special Education Parent Advisory Board. Pre-registration through Registration Gateway allows the different teams within the school district to better prepare for incoming students that require any of these services.

“We now have a more systematic registration process with Registration Gateway that has been very helpful in allowing us to see what the needs are for students enrolling for school. Registration Gateway allows us to communicate across the district with incoming students’ information. We are able to notify our English Language Learning team, the McKinney-Vento Liaison, and special education team prior to the students even beginning school allowing for early intervention where needed.”

“Registration Gateway has also simplified our district specific ‘buffer zone’ system allowing students and parents specific school choices based on their geographic location within the district.”

Brookline requires parents to bring many documents to this appointment, including photo ID, a birth certificate, proofs of residency, school records, etc. During the appointment, these documents are scanned into Registration Gateway. Over time reductions in printing costs will save the district thousands of dollars.

“We have found that using Registration Gateway has helped the district tremendously by using less paper. We scan versus copying paper during the registration process,” says Castro.

Documents are no longer threatened by unauthorized access theft, misplacement, fires, floods, etc. As every school administrator knows, the privacy of these documents is not only important to the integrity of the school but is legally binding as well.

To learn more about Registration Gateway, visit https://www.registrationgateway.com/ or e-mail sales(at)src-solutions.com.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Going all the way back to 2008, Registration Gateway was one of the first Online Enrollment solutions to offer real-time data integration to Student Information Systems.

Fall River school officials want student registration process to be less like the RMV

Fall River school officials want student registration process to be less like the RMV – News – The Herald News, Fall River, MA

FALL RIVER — “Customer service” is not necessarily a phrase one would expect to hear school officials using. But improving the kind of “customer service” the district delivers through its Parent Information Center has been on school officials’ minds. In recent discussions both verbal and written, officials said they would like to make the process of registering new students for school more convenient and efficient for parents, and relocate the Parent Information Center to make it more accessible.

So school officials are looking to move the center from its current location at B.M.C. Durfee High School, and to create a new student registration system online through which parents can complete the initial steps of registering their children for school.

Barbara Allard, who directs the Parent Information Center and the Early Childhood Center, said roughly 900 new kindergarten students are registered each year. And currently registration for those new students is completely done on-paper and in-person at the center. After receiving a student’s paperwork, a clerk manually enters their information into the district’s system, called Aspen.

On a recent afternoon, parents and their children were seen sitting in chairs arranged along one wall in the center, waiting for their turns to meet with a clerk. Many parents spoke English with that clerk, while others were heard speaking Spanish and Portuguese.

Like renewing a driver’s license or car registration at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the registration process itself is relatively quick.

However, there can be a wait, school officials said, as it’s a walk-in, first-come, first-serve process. At the Parent Information Center, depending on how many parents are waiting and the number of available staff, it can take as long as an hour or even more for parents to register their students.

That wait would be significantly reduced in the new registration system, which the School Committee approved in a vote last month. Parents would have the option to start the registration process online and complete it in-person by scheduling an appointment.

A few steps, like pre-school screening and interviews, would still take place in person, explained Brian Mikolazyk, the district’s School Information coordinator who is overseeing the transition from one system to another.

Mikolazyk said the hope is to transition from a registration process that’s a 100 percent in-person process to one that’s about 70 percent online and 30 percent in-person.

It would be convenient because parents have the option of completing most of the registration online and then making a short appointment. It would be efficient because the information that was submitted online could then be directly transferred into the district’s database.

Mikolazyk said  Registration Gateway should be ready to launch by November 1st.


Parents will still need to appear with families, as the interview and screening for potential specials needs would still need to take place in person. But, Mikolazyk said, the filling out of registration forms — “that huge first step, the most time-consuming part, is out of the way.”

Mikolazyk said that in the new process, registrations should take about 20 minutes to complete. He added that even after it launches, parents would have the option to still use the walk-in process to start the registrations.

Mikolazyk assured the Registration Gateway will be secure, when asked about potential security concerns.

“It is a secure site. They do encrypt their data,” he said. “The transfer would also be a secure site.”

Mikolazyk said because the system will be used to handle confidential student data, “it’s not going to be a Mickey Mouse system.”

Mikolazyk said the district still needs to officially purchase that system.Then, after the purchase, it’s implemention “could take a few months.”


“There is some leg work to be done,” he said. That work that includes translating the registration documents into Portuguese and Spanish.

School officials are also looking to move the Parent Information Center to a more centralized location in the city, with both available parking and accessibility by public transportation. The center used to be located in the Stone School building on Globe Street, but was moved to Durfee five years ago, when the district established the Stone Therapeutic Day School program at the former building.

Fall River Schools Chief Operating Officer Tom Coogan said the district would soon be seeking bids for proposed locations for the center.

On the decisions to move the center and to try online student registrations, Coogan said, “I certainly think if we’re able to provide better resources and services, we should try to make that available. It makes everything smoother.”

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Whether it is our integration with PowerSchool dating back to 2008 which offered the first Online Enrollment solution to offer real-time data integration of both standard and custom fields into PowerSchool or our completely integrated document management solution On Demand K12 Gateway delivering Electronic Cumulative Folders.

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