Central Records Gateway allows school districts to manage various retention schedules and create, automate, and relate digital documents across multiple stakeholders. Central Records Gateway automates many difficult, detailed tasks and makes it look like an easy feat. For instance, combining school district record retention requirements and ever changing archiving policies into one simple to use interface – spanning student, human resources, business office records, and much more.

Today, SRC Solutions is excited to announce four add-on modules to the Central Records Gateway family. These four modules enhance school administration and parent communication as well as provide new and innovative ways to collect much needed family documents in a timely manner.

The four add-on modules are Gateway Capture, Gateway Mobile Capture, Gateway Forms and Gateway ParentShare.

Gateway Capture

Gateway Capture is a proprietary software integrated directly into school office multi-function devices from makers such as Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, and more. This integration provides a safe and simple method of scanning student records securely and directly into online cumulative files.

Gateway Mobile Capture

Gateway Mobile Capture puts the power of document collection in the hands of the parents, volunteers, or employees. Central Records Gateway simply sends out an automated text message when a document is required. The recipient can then open the Gateway Mobile Capture application, snap a picture, and submit the document to the school district for approval. As always, approval from school district means automated routing to the online cumulative records.

Gateway Forms

Gateway Forms is the one stop solution for online ad-hoc form creation throughout the school year. From permission slips to discipline notices and more, school administrators simply create the form within the Gateway Forms module and may provide access to edit the form to district stakeholders. The form is completely customized online and then digitally sent on to respective recipients.

Gateway ParentShare

Gateway ParentShare takes the tedious paper process out of report card generation, multiple absence notices and more. Gateway ParentShare is able to process tens of thousands of documents in minutes and route those documents electronically to parents, students and staff.

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“From day one, Central Records Gateway has been acknowledged as an all-in-one self-manageable solution for school districts. With our announcement today, Central Records Gateway further expands it capabilities by removing the arduous paper based processes that school districts tackle each day. With over 80% of SRC Solutions school district customers utilizing Online Document Management, we have proven the transition from paper is in full swing,” said Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions.

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