SRC Solutions Introduces The Gateway Suite of Student Lifecycle Solutions for K12

SRC Solutions expands the core functionality of Registration Gateway to a full suite of online solutions for the K12 Student Lifecycle.


Center Valley, PA  July 27, 2015

SRC Solutions is excited to unveil the Gateway Suite of solutions for the K12 Student Lifecycle. The Gateway Suite is comprised of eight standalone applications and 6 complimentary modules. SRC Solutions Gateway Suite engages with your students from the point of school selection with School Choice Gateway to Registration Gateway to Electronic Cumulative Folders with Central Records Gateway, the first Student Relationship Management solution for K12 documents and communications.

Gateway Suite applications and modules are built on the foundation of Registration Gateway which has been proven as a top tier Online Enrollment Solution for K12 and the only solution to have won the Top 100 Product Award from District Administrator Magazine.

It was extremely important for SRC Solutions to utilize Registration Gateway as the core building block or foundation in delivering the Gateway Suite to our customers. Many companies claim to be solutions providers but fall short. Several companies key in on process rather than workflow enhancement. It can be summed up best by stating you can make a car go faster with a bigger engine but if you don’t upgrade the brakes and tires, it’s a recipe for disaster. Looking at specific processes alone without taking into account and planning for the start-to-finish workflow is a poor way to plan and typically one that is only understood when it is too late.

Patrick Maher, CEO, SRC Solutions, Inc.

Mohammed Riaz from BeaconHouse National University states it the best: “Business Processes are basically a collection of activities cutting across various departments, producing a valuable output for the customers. Workflow is used to automate these repetitive activities and hence business processes. So workflow will bring automation and efficiency to the business process.”

Simply converting a stale and outdated paper based process to a stale and outdated online process is not a workflow solution.

“With the Gateway Suite, SRC Solutions is truly a workflow solutions provider. Built on 15 years of deployed architecture with constant enhancements integrated based on customer feedback, the Gateway Suite is tested, proven and deliverable today. The Gateway Suite also helps districts with their requisitioning processes. Districts can no longer afford to work with hundreds of software providers. The RFP requisitioning costs are tremendously expensive alone. Companies that offer single solutions are a dying breed. Innovation, inter-operability and enhanced workflow design are key and what we deliver with the Gateway Suite,” said Maher.

As the student progresses through their K-12 school career, the district can engage the Gateway Suite of applications in many areas of the student lifecycle including:

  • School Choice Gateway for Online School Determination
  • Registration Gateway for Online Student Enrollment
  • Central Records Gateway for Electronic Cumulative Folder Management
  • Records Request Gateway for Online Records Requests
  • Conference Gateway for Parent Teacher Conference Management
  • Address Purification Gateway for Address Cleansing and District Move Management
  • Gateway eDelivery for Electronic Parent Report Distribution

As the district HR processes grow, districts can also take advantage of Human Resources Gateway.

The strength of the Gateway Suite lies in the flexibility of the solutions allowing districts to address workflow improvements to outdated processes as budgets allow. For example, one of the great features of Registration Gateway is the ability to feed clean, pure and USPS verified data into your district Student Information System. Should a district be unable to deploy Registration Gateway due to timing, the district can always deploy cost-effective Address Purification Gateway as an entry point to clean data within the district and prepare for future workflow enhancements.

When your school or district engages with The Gateway Suite, there is no one right way to deploy. There are hundreds. As each application in independent of another, the Gateway Suite can be deployed in the way that best fits your district workflow goals.

The Gateway Suite doesn’t end with the eight applications mentioned above. The Gateway Suite Modules are six complimentary plug and play solutions designed to work with Gateway Suite Applications further enhancing workflow improvement and overall analytics.

They include:

  1. Gateway Athletics for athletics registration
  2. Gateway Scan for historical document scanning
  3. Gateway Capture for direct-to-folder district wide scanning of student records
  4. Gateway Analytics for advanced workflow process monitoring, notifications and communications.
  5. Gateway Geolytics for advances geo-coordinate data analysis and action
  6. Gateway Discipline for integrated discipline management and archiving

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Whether it is our integration with PowerSchool dating back to 2008 which offered the first Online Enrollment solution to offer real-time data integration of both standard and custom fields into PowerSchool or our completely integrated document management solution Central Records Gateway delivering Electronic Cumulative Folders.

SRC Solutions expands discounts available through the PEPPM purchasing collaborative through 2017

SRC Solutions Registration Gateway application and associated modules such as Central Records Gateway, Conference Gateway and Address Purification Gateway have all been awarded to the PEPPM purchasing collaborative.

Center Valley, PA (PRWEB) March 09, 2015

SRC Solutions has been awarded the sole offering for Online Registration as part of the 2015 California PEPPM bid. Schools in states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Oregon and Rhode Island are able to purchase solutions from SRC Solutions at discounts up to 25% off standard prices.

SRC Solutions is excited once again to partner with PEPPM to deliver enhanced workflow solutions driving our motto of “Accuracy Matters” into K12 Education.

– Patrick Maher, CEO SRC Solutions, Inc.

With SRC Solutions accuracy matters. The following applications and modules are part of the 2015 PEPPM Purchasing contract and all delivery process and workflow accuracy to school districts.

  • Registration Gateway Standard
    • Registration Gateway Standard takes the paper out of the process and transforms school district registration processes into fluid online interactions. Accuracy in student data is key to maintaining or increasing government funding as well as the affording the ability to track information such as immunization status in a matter of seconds.
  • Registration Gateway Premium
    • Registration Gateway Premium takes Registration Gateway Standard one step further by providing a sophisticated, yet simple way to manage electronic documents while ensuring enhanced security around document access and notifications. Accuracy matters in Registration Gateway Premium by delivering enhanced security and permissions relating to sensitive FERPA and HIPAA related documents.
  • Central Records Gateway
    Central Records Gateway is the only Student Relationship Management solution to focus on the management of electronic documents and communications through the entire student lifecycle. Central Records Gateway delivers true Electronic Cumulative Folders accessible through robust security and authentication features. Central Records Gateway creates the world first truly portable Electronic Cumulative folder. Accuracy matters in Central Records Gateway by ensuring documents are provisioned properly with expiration and archiving dates meeting local, state and federal mandates.
  • Conference Gateway
    • Conference Gateway is an integrated Parent/Teacher, Special Ed and Guidance scheduling tool for K12 taking the manual and arduous scheduling process and moving it to a paper free online process. Accuracy matters in Conference Gateway by enabling two way communication between teacher and parent to narrow the conference focus and allow for more time enabling the success of the child.
  • Address Purification Gateway
    • Address Purification Gateway cleans student demographic data that can become “dirty” when hands touch the data. Address Purification cleans data to postal standards, saving funds as well as begin the process of identifying students who may have moved out of district but are still receiving an education based on their old address. Accuracy matters in Address Purification by cleaning up your district data potentially increasing your Title I and Free Reduced funding as well as identifying potential out of district students.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Whether it is our integration with PowerSchool dating back to 2008 which offered the first Online Enrollment solution to offer real-time data integration of both standard and custom fields into PowerSchool or our completely integrated document management solution Central Records Gateway delivering Electronic Cumulative Folders.

SRC Solutions, Inc. Introduces Conference Gateway

Conference Gateway is the latest addition to SRC Solutions Gateway Applications Platform driving inefficiency out of school districts.

SRC Solutions, Inc announces the expansion of the Gateway platform of process improvement solutions for K12 education with Conference Gateway. Once again SRC Solutions tackles the mundane time consuming process in K12 education and provides a streamlined online approach.

Conference Gateway is your district’s solution to the headaches associated with Parent, Guidance, Special Education, Career, and College Conferences. Conference Gateway provides a simple online interface by which parents, students, or administration can book conference appointments.

Gone are the days of searching the backpack for the Parent Conference form only to find out there are no time slots left. Conference Gateway also spurs a two-way dialog between teachers and parent to tailor the focus of each conference. Parents or teachers can simply add their comments to the appointment to let the each other know the areas of focus for the conference.

Many school districts are implementing mandatory parent teacher conferences. With Conference Gateway your teachers or staff will be able to measure what percentage of their parents have scheduled a conference, create a list to send a message out to those parents who have not yet registered as well as track attendance on the day of the conference.

Conference Gateway provides a complete end to end process for Conference registration from parent outreach to ease of registration, to reminders, to final conference attendance.

Conference Gateway enables efficiency in school districts like never before. Eliminating the paper and the outdated processes provide for a smoother conference. Conference Gateway’s tools strive to engage the parent in their child’s education by providing communication back to the teacher for more constructive conferences.

– Patrick Maher, CEO SRC Solutions, Inc.

SRC Solution Inc. is a leader in process improvement in K12 Education with such products as:

Registration Gateway

  • Providing an Online Enrollment and Document Management Process.

Central Records Gateway

  • Student Relationship Management for your district documents and communication.

Human Resources Gateway

  • Providing an Online HR Onboarding solution for your district.

Conference Gateway

  • Engaging parents through a sharing of information.

Address Purification Gateway

  • Providing address validation and movement movement analysis to ensure your district enrollment is accurate.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.

SRC Solutions, Inc. provides school districts a mechanism for positive process change. SRC Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of “Gateway” applications each designed to tackle obstacles standing in the way of the educational process.

Registration Gateway