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Customer Service in an Education Setting – Why it Works


Customer service in education isn’t any different from other industries. School districts benefit from taking a customer service approach to interactions with parents and staff to improve collaboration and communication.  This article starts to ask questions such as:

  • What does customer service look like in an educational setting?
  • Which techniques should you utilize to implement this methodology in your district?
  • How can you avoid falling into the poor customer service in education trap?

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Student Poverty and Education

According to the National Center for Children Living in Poverty, about 15 million children in the United States today are living in poverty. Many of them are not getting the education that others in thriving cities and states are receiving.

Are poorer students getting less than stellar education?

It has been reported that in lower income neighborhoods, less privileged students receive less education due to being assigned underachieving teachers with lower expectations all around. Oftentimes, lower-income school districts do no receive their fare share and are just struggling to get the basic supplies. Funding to low-income schools has been dwindling since 2010 and more than a few states have cut pre-K educational per student funding in recent years and as a result are seeing lower enrollment numbers. Extremely poor school districts in struggling cities are forced to pull funds from other areas which further worsens the problem.

Another aspect that poorer students are faced with is the lack of funds to put towards field trips and after school or sport activities. Consider how much being exposed to new places and people have taught you things you otherwise would not have seen, touched, observed?

But the economy is improving

As the economy improves, school districts are still feeling tugs at their purse strings. Make no mistake about it, the economy is doing better, so why not put more focus on fixing our impoverished school districts and provide everyone the quality education they deserve?

Poor Conditions in US Schools: Affecting Quality Education?

Many US schools are suffering with poor physical conditions and subsequently affecting quality education.

From interruption of classes due to failing heat or air conditioning systems to lack of valuable teachers who aren’t willing to endure these conditions, should not be ignored.  It affects students’ rights to quality education.

This problem is not a new one.  In a 1996 report by the Government Accountability Office found that schools in “unsatisfactory physical and environmental condition” were “concentrated in central cities and serve large populations of poor or minority students.”  From crumbling buildings, unclean surroundings, toxic materials, is just a short list of what is going on inside lower income areas.

It is up to the state and local levels to address the problem and they have demonstrated their desire to assist.  That being said, assisting in purchasing supplies for the classrooms won’t help the deteriorating infrastructure in these school districts.

There is hope.  Congress now has an opportunity to have a positive effect for this problem. The House has begun hearings on the Rebuild America’s School Act of 2019.  The bill would invest $100 billion over 10 years in fixing America’s public schools.  This is an exciting time where we can make progress in eliminating toxic school environments in our communities.

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