Featured District: Hazleton Area School District (PA)

Like many districts around the country, the Hazleton Area School District (PA) has been greatly affected by shifting demographics and high rates of student turnover.

Hazleton has historically had a large population of temporary residents. That has long meant a higher-than-average number of new student registrations each summer (and through the school year) for the 10,000-student HASD – one of the fastest-growing districts in the state.

Registration Gateway is designed to make compliance easy, increasing funding opportunities and mitigating legal exposure. From National School Lunch Program data reporting to documentation needs stemming Pennsylvania’s Act 26 Parental Registration Statement, SRC Solutions software makes it simple for districts to deal with regulatory burdens.

The situation was becoming taxing for the district’s two registrars. The sheer amount of data to be entered into PowerSchool was overwhelming, and the number of open registration nights that needed to be held was growing. Traditional registration just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

The answer? SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway, the only truly paperless online student registration, re-enrollment and information tracking system. With support for multiple languages and automatic PowerSchool integration, it was just what the Hazleton schools needed.

The HASD launched Registration Gateway for kindergarten registration this spring. The result? Shorter waits at registration nights for parents – especially those with multiple children – and dramatically reduced data entry needs. And even more savings are coming this summer, when new student registration season gears up.

“The Registration Gateway system is a huge help for us,” said Dr. Jeffry Nietz, the HASD’s Student Information Systems Administrator. “The registration secretary doesn’t have to enter 16 pages of information per student into PowerSchool anymore. For families with three or four kids, that would have been hours of work before they could start school. Now, those delays should be much shorter, and data should be error-free.”

That’s good for parents, good for school staff – and good for taxpayers.

“Parents love it, and my registrars love it. Even though we’re only in the ‘soft launch’ phase, 90 percent of the feedback we’re getting is positive. So far, it’s been a wonderful thing from the standpoint of kindergarten registration. The staff at SRC has been tremendous in communicating with us, helping get Registration Gateway set up right and pushing us to get done with what we needed to do to meet our timetable.

Dr. Jeffry Nietz, Hazleton Area School District’s Student Information Systems Administrator

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