How paperless solutions can help fix common problems within the US education system

Schools throughout the U.S. education system face common challenges that interfere with the quality of student learning. Online systems designed to enhance tasks like conference scheduling and organizing student cumulative folders can help schools reduce the impact of these issues. Here are two obstacles that paperless solutions can help schools overcome:

Poor parent involvement 
According to the Center for Public Education, research has shown that an estimated two-thirds of teachers believe their students would do better academically if their parents were more involved in their children’s education. Meanwhile, 72 percent of parents agreed that students with uninvolved parents were far more likely to “fall through the cracks” in school, as students with more attentive parents often receive the most attention from teachers.

Students whose parents are more involved in their education do better academically. Students whose parents are more involved in their education often do better academically.

School solutions can enhance parent involvement by making important student documents digitally accessible. Systems like SRC Solution’s Central Records Gateway offer parent-sharing features so they can log in from home and have updated documents like progress reports and behavioral assessments at their fingertips.

Automated conference scheduling systems, such as SRC Solution’s Conference Gateway, also increase parent participation in parent-teacher meetings, enabling parents to conveniently select an open meeting time online. This encourages parents to attend parent-teacher conferences, as it allows them to work around their own schedule and more efficiently plan ahead. They can also note specific questions or topics they want to discuss at the meeting so that the staff can better prepare beforehand and truly personalize and improve the quality of their parent-teacher relationships. This is important, as the National Education Association explained that only 48 percent of parents feel teachers hold efficient conferences, so detailing discussion points ahead of time can drastically improve the outcomes of meetings.

Lack of funding 
The Atlantic noted that recent reports have shown schools across the U.S. are expected to do more for their students with increasingly less government funding as the years go on. This has put a lot of pressure on schools to reserve the money they do have for important student programs and other essential needs. Going paperless can assist districts in cutting back on yearly expenses. According to Aiim Community, most organizations that do away with paper-based workflows save over $500 per person each year in supplies like ink, paper and printers.

Address fraud is another common issue experienced by K-12 districts that ends up taking key funding away from schools. If it goes unnoticed, address fraud can cost schools millions each year. For example, The Hechinger Report explained that schools in Beverly Hills, California – which deal with at least one case of registration fraud each month – are charging parents with $150 for every day that their child was enrolled illegally in their schools, as they believe this is a fair equivalent of the funding they lost as a result. SRC Solution’s Address Purification Gateway automates the process of identifying falsified addresses to ensure your district’s money is spent properly and residential students are receiving the education they deserve.

SRC Solutions, Inc. Introduces Conference Gateway

Conference Gateway is the latest addition to SRC Solutions Gateway Applications Platform driving inefficiency out of school districts.

SRC Solutions, Inc announces the expansion of the Gateway platform of process improvement solutions for K12 education with Conference Gateway. Once again SRC Solutions tackles the mundane time consuming process in K12 education and provides a streamlined online approach.

Conference Gateway is your district’s solution to the headaches associated with Parent, Guidance, Special Education, Career, and College Conferences. Conference Gateway provides a simple online interface by which parents, students, or administration can book conference appointments.

Gone are the days of searching the backpack for the Parent Conference form only to find out there are no time slots left. Conference Gateway also spurs a two-way dialog between teachers and parent to tailor the focus of each conference. Parents or teachers can simply add their comments to the appointment to let the each other know the areas of focus for the conference.

Many school districts are implementing mandatory parent teacher conferences. With Conference Gateway your teachers or staff will be able to measure what percentage of their parents have scheduled a conference, create a list to send a message out to those parents who have not yet registered as well as track attendance on the day of the conference.

Conference Gateway provides a complete end to end process for Conference registration from parent outreach to ease of registration, to reminders, to final conference attendance.

Conference Gateway enables efficiency in school districts like never before. Eliminating the paper and the outdated processes provide for a smoother conference. Conference Gateway’s tools strive to engage the parent in their child’s education by providing communication back to the teacher for more constructive conferences.

– Patrick Maher, CEO SRC Solutions, Inc.

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Conference Gateway

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Address Purification Gateway

  • Providing address validation and movement movement analysis to ensure your district enrollment is accurate.

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