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Level Data and SRC both believe that school districts should be focused on education – and not be burdened with managing data.

Level Data Inc., a Kalamazoo, Mich., services company, has created an education IT market niche in cleaning up school district data and integrating applications. Maintaining accurate student information is important, given that state and federal funding depends on data quality, noted Matt Betts, president of Level Data.

Betts said a school engagement begins with a walkthrough of how the district conducts such activities as enrolling students, transferring students and hiring personnel. The company also works with the customer to determine authoritative sources for each data type and then initiates a data-cleansing process.

Data-cleansing and integration projects help schools in a couple of ways. Integration relieves school district employees from the task of shuffling data back and forth. Betts cited one district customer that was able to repurpose 39 employees who had been involved in the manual movement of data.

Once a foundation of trusted data is established, Level Data moves on to integration. The company offers a cloud-based data integration service, which pulls together a school’s applications — student information, food services and transportation systems, among others.

Level Data integrates about a dozen applications for Oxford Virtual Academy, which offers online courses to K-12 students in Oxford Community Schools in Michigan. Those applications include Pearson’s PowerSchool student information system and SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway, an online registration and re-enrollment product.

Cleaner information, meanwhile, can boost a school’s access to funding. For example, data-improvement projects help school districts accurately identify which students qualify for a free or reduced-price lunch. That data is reported to government programs, which provide reimbursement. Betts said most districts see about a 20% drop in free and reduced-price counts when students enter high school.

“Those kids may still qualify, but they frequently don’t get counted in the state reporting,” Betts said. With accurate data, however, schools can look forward to “tapping new funding … they didn’t have before,” he added.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.:

Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which simplifies and automates cumbersome, repetitive and counter-productive work practices replacing them with easy-to-use, innovative electronic processes. SRC Solutions flagship Gateway Suite incorporates solutions to manage online registration, validate and clean data, as well as improve Student Relationship Management in the K12 market.

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SRC Solutions Selected as Independent Software Vendor by Pearson

SRC Solutions has been selected by Pearson, the global leader in education and learning technology, to serve as one of its Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

The partnership allows SRC Solutions to work hand in hand with Pearson to provide Registration Gateway to K – 12 schools.

“One of the reasons why Pearson partnered with SRC is that Registration Gateway takes registration to a whole new level,” said Oliver Wreford, director of business development. “It’s more than about data collection and replacing forms. Their approach to process and documents results in an end-to-end system that dynamically increases the value of PowerSchool and PowerSchool SMS. From the near real time data integration to the student and family documentation being available almost instantaneously to school staff, they have revolutionized more than just registration.”

SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway will also integrate seamlessly with Pearson’s PowerSchool SMS (formerly Chancery SMS).

Benefits of Pearson’s ISV program include providing SRC with extended reach in the education market; reaching more than 12 million students in thousands of schools and districts; enabling SRC to access Pearson product knowledge and people to ensure compatibility; and accessibility to Pearson’s customer base.

“Our products are developed with simplicity and intuitive design in mind,” said Joe Fox, senior solutions architect at Pearson, “and SRC Solutions’ products are developed in the same manner, making them an ideal partner.”

About Pearson

Pearson (NYSE:PSO), the global leader in education and learning technology, aims to help people make progress in life through learning. Pearson’s leadership spans pre-K12, higher education, and corporate learning globally. Pearson’s other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information about the K-12 Technology group of Pearson, visit

About SRC Solutions

With more than 5 million enrollments processed each year for schools, businesses and governments, SRC Solutions is the global leader in online registration. Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which specializes in identifying cumbersome, repetitive and counter-productive work practices and replacing them with easy-to-use, innovative digital processes.

As a XEROX® Platinum Partner and an authorized reseller for Kofax, Surety and Recruit Manager, SRC provides solutions for both the public and private sector, including document management, workflow improvement and integration into numerous ERP systems. SRC Solutions: Breaking the boundaries of paper.

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