Electronic preservation of school district documentation

Electronic conservation of school documents is fast becoming an attractive option for school districts. This advancement in technology, however, has posed some questions for schools:

  • Am I an archivist or record keeper?
  • Do students prefer school in a cloud?
  • What is your district’s carbon footprint?

Electronic preservation of school district documentation

Electronic conservation of documents, knowledge, and historical records in perpetuity is fast becoming an attractive option for school districts. When you consider that the average administrative person earns approximately $14.00 per hour in the United States, and factor in the expense of personnel manually entering student data, electronic preservation presents an extremely affordable alternative. Continue reading Electronic preservation of school district documentation

children looking at a computer screen together with a green overlay data management

What Online Data Management Means for Educators


There is no doubt that today’s world is data-driven, no matter what industry you’re in.

As more and more academic institutions use data to reveal behavioral and academic trends among student bodies, the importance of high-quality data management within the education industry is more important than ever.

Data management software allows educational institutions to use, store, share and protect growing volumes of data easily and economically. Storing important information online, such as student records, means educators can have access to them at the click of a button and in real time.

Data management in education goes much further than just storing a student’s report card. Data management systems allow institutions to collect quantitative and qualitative data on their student bodies, like demographics, attendance, course enrollment history, special education information, grades and standardized test scores, teacher qualifications, professional development, and program participation.

Being able to access this data in real-time leads to better teach-to-parent and teacher-to-teacher communication, better standardized test score analysis, and instruction review.

“If school leaders want to lead the charge in improving student performance, they must be fluent in the use of data as a leadership tool. The assumption is that when school leaders are knowledgeable about data use, they can more effectively review their existing capacities, identify weaknesses and better chart plans for improvement” (Illuminate Blog).

Data management systems go beyond just giving educators an easier way to analyze data, these systems can help ensure institutions are “reigning in data growth, managing compliance, privacy and security, and increasing visibility in order to better understand data” (Data Gravity).

Regulatory requirements are continuously changing, being proactive in your data management efforts means you’ll have to spend less time “catching up” or “cleaning up”. Today’s world is rapidly moving away from the days of keeping paperwork in filing cabinets. Not only does it take up unnecessary space and resources, it is a serious privacy and security concern. When you store records manually in filing cabinets, there is a heightened risk of losing them or mishandling them.

Using a data management system allows school districts to have better control over data governance. It provides the ability to control which user groups (teachers, admins, parents) have access to specific student data and apply user group security settings to limit what can be done with each data set.

Take, for instance, a student’s health records. Those should not be stored in the filing cabinet with their general records, otherwise admins and teachers will have access to the HIPPA protected information. With a data management system, security settings can be utilized so that only the districts medical personnel can view that sensitive information.

The bottom line – data management systems are the future of providing a world-class education to our youth. Not will it alleviate the burden on resources across your district, but it will eliminate administrative bottlenecks, increase and ease communication between the district, teachers, parents and students, and allow teachers the opportunity to build lesson plans based on data analysis of the student body’s knowledge gaps.

The Unintentional Ways Schools Might Be Violating FERPA

We are learning today that being FERPA compliant isn’t as simple as tossing out your old student records.  As Tina Nazarian mentions in her article, “The Unintentional Ways Schools Might Be Violating FERPA”, don’t just put them in trash cans—shred them first.  If you don’t, your institution might get accused of violating the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, which protects student education records in both K-12 and higher education.

FERPA experts state that there are several ways schools may be unaware of their non-compliance; one area often overlooked is with using outside vendors prior to properly vetting them.  It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that vendor doesn’t misuse students’ information records.  Some “free” online apps may be mining data to sell to third-parties which is in direct violation.  To stay compliant, schools should understand exactly what vendors are doing with their data.  Schools need to emphasize the information is NOT for the vendor’s own benefit. Continue reading The Unintentional Ways Schools Might Be Violating FERPA

Central Records Gateway from SRC Solutions expands On Demand document access for school districts

Central Records Gateway combines school district records retention requirements into one simple to use interface spanning student, human resources, business office records and more…

SRC Solutions is excited to announce the launch of Central Records Gateway and the Central Records Solutions Program (CRSP). Central Records Gateway is an evolution of SRC Solutions’ award winning document management solutions and bridges the gap from Student Records to HR Records as well as Business Office Records. SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway and document management solutions are in use in districts spanning the entire nation of the United States.

Central Records Gateway allows school districts to create, automate and relate digital documents across multiple stakeholders, various retention schedules and ever changing archiving policies. Through the CRIV program, Central Records Gateway can expand to incorporate any current or future district document source.

To get more information about the CRSP program click here.

Student-centric document sources may include Student Information Systems, Online Registration, Fee Payment, Medical, Transportation, Special Education and more…

HR-centric document sources may include Applicant Tracking, Online Hiring, Insurance, Background Checks, Payroll, Continuing Education Credit Management and more…

Business Office centric documents may include Accounting Software, Expense Report Management, Invoicing Systems, RFP Management and more…

What truly differentiates Central Records Gateway from any other electronic document solution is SRC Solutions dedicated efforts towards open integration with any third party document source as well as permissionable Electronic Cumulative Folder access to administrators, parents and students.

Central Records Gateway offers a four-pronged approach to existing and new document collection including desktop document scanning, multi-function device direct scanning, direct document flow through CRSP integration and bulk document distribution direct to online folder.

To learn more about Central Records Gateway, click here.

Take Central Records Gateway for a spin simply by clicking here.

“Central Records Gateway is an all-in-one self-manageable solution for school districts. Central Records brings record management out of the file cabinets and into the hands of permissioned users, making information typically trapped in forms actionable and relevant. Take one example of a student medical record. Traditionally, records have to be transferred from school to school within a district as kids age out of schools. With Central Records, the moment those students age into another school, permissions are automatically transferred to the new school medical professional. We are excited to bring this functionality to school districts and allow them to securely automate FERPA and HIPAA compliance in their records.”

-Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions, Inc.

Central Records Gateway doesn’t stop at document management and retention. Central Records Gateway also provides an easy to use form creation tool right within the application. Once forms are completed by the parents, students, employees etc… they can be automated to go back into the central record.

Document collection, organization and retention is key but the true differentiation is security. Central Records Gateway employs sophisticated security standards which match the access already in place within school districts. There is no need to reinvent security provisioning.

Central Records Gateway also makes district-to-district student transfers as simple as can be with a unique records packaging feature, allowing receiving districts access to specific student records from the sending district.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions, Inc. provides school districts a mechanism for positive process change. SRC Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of “Gateway” applications each designed to tackle obstacles standing in the way of the educational process.
For more information, visit http://www.src-solutions.com

SRC Solutions Launches Gateway eDelivery to Suite of K-12 Solutions Products

SRC Solutions, a leader in online registration and business process improvement, announces the launch of Gateway eDelivery, an electronic document delivery system that enables parents and school administrators to communicate in a secure environment.

By using Gateway eDelivery, administrators can deliver important documents to guardians – report cards, progress reports, schedules, test scores and permission slips – through a secure, online platform or email.

“Districts are continually being asked to do more with less,” said Patrick Maher, Founder and CEO of SRC Solutions. “Gateway eDelivery not only encourages ongoing communication between parents and teachers, it enables districts to automate and simplify traditional methods of communicating with parents. This automation enables the expenses associated with printer paper, toner, envelopes, stamps and labor to be reallocated and reinvested in new technologies that better serve schools’ most important constituents – its students.”

Designed to work within a school’s existing process, Gateway eDelivery provides several benefits for administrators, teachers, parents and students alike, including:

  • Enhanced communication between administrators, teachers and parents. With secure, password-protected access to report cards, progress reports and more, parents stay informed of their child’s progress throughout the school year.
  • Cost savings. Gateway eDelivery makes it easy for school districts to switch from manual student document delivery to the electronic system, allowing for immediate cost savings. Time and money spent printing, folding, stuffing, mailing and more are eliminated, allowing Gateway eDelivery to be funded through existing budget items.
  • 360-degree, lifetime view of student records. Gateway eDelivery makes it possible for parents and students to access student files from years prior, in addition to current information – and they’re all stored in the same place.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.:

Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which simplifies and automates cumbersome, repetitive and counter-productive work practices replacing them with easy-to-use, innovative electronic processes. SRC Solutions flagship Gateway Suite incorporates solutions to manage online registration, validate and clean data, as well as improve Student Relationship Management in the K12 market.

For more about SRC Solutions, Inc., please visit: www.src-solutions.com

SRC Solutions, Inc. Integrates Surety’s AbsoluteProof into its Registration Gateway Student Enrollment System

AbsoluteProof provides authentication and data integrity assurance to Registration Gateway customers.

“Proper data integrity protection controls are essential in making a paperless environment perform flawlessly,” said Patrick Maher, Founder and CEO of SRC Solutions, Inc. “

Reston, VA – September 1, 2011 — Surety, LLC, the leading provider of digital protection solutions, and SRC Solutions, Inc., a provider of technologies for improved productivity and profitability for educational, government and private industry customers, announced their partnership to aid student registration processes for local school districts. Under the agreement, SRC Solutions has integrated Surety’s AbsoluteProof Service into its Registration Gateway system, SRC’s flagship offering that is designed to streamline the student registration process, eliminate paper, minimize data inaccuracies and reduce administrative time and costs.

The integration enables school districts to prove the authenticity of their electronic student records should they ever be legally challenged. AbsoluteProof digitally timestamps (or “seals”) each student record, capturing the exact time and date it was created, and providing an independent means to prove that the records have not been changed or altered since the time they were “sealed.” This sealing process allows records and their data to be protected for the entirety of their existence. The SRC and Surety partnership is already providing systems and services to multiple school districts in all major markets and geographies throughout the country.

“Electronic record systems have been deployed by all types of businesses over the years, and school districts are no exception,” said Jim O’Connor, president and CEO of Surety. “One thing all of these systems share, regardless of industry, is the need for effective, long-term and independent electronic data integrity protection controls. We’re thrilled to be working with SRC Solutions, who recognizes this need, and is using AbsoluteProof in its Registration Gateway solution to provide its customers with the best available solution.”

By partnering with Surety, data and information that is collected and stored within Registration Gateway, such as a student’s personal and educational track records and supporting documents (which typically can equal over 200 pages of hard copy documents over the course of an undergraduate education), will be recorded in a paperless environment with its integrity maintained. AbsoluteProof allows users of the system, such as school administrators and student guardians, to be certain of and assured in the fact that the data and records are collectively recorded and secured in a reliable environment, and have not been altered – maliciously or inadvertently – since their creation.

“Proper data integrity protection controls are essential in making a paperless environment perform flawlessly,” said Patrick Maher, Founder and CEO of SRC Solutions, Inc. “Surety’s AbsoluteProof provides Registration Gateway customers with the necessary controls, and allows all parties within the education system, such as guardians, teachers, and administrators to collaborate, and successfully record and monitor the careers of their students.”

About Surety, LLC Founded in 1994 by leading Bellcore Scientists, Surety is the leading independent, digital time-stamp authority (TSA) to the life sciences, R&D and education markets. With millions of electronic records and files worldwide protected under its authenticity Seal, the company’s flagship service offering, AbsoluteProof, enables organizations to meet the legal, fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities associated with creating, managing and archiving electronic records, files and data by providing legally-defensible evidence of data integrity and authenticity. AbsoluteProof ensures against content tampering by providing a “digital wax seal” for all types of electronically stored information. For more information, visit surety.com.

About SRC Solutions, Inc. Founded in 2001, SRC Solutions, Inc. provides a gateway to improved productivity and profitability for educational, government and private industry customers. SRC’s flagship solution, Registration Gateway, enables schools and other higher learning educational institutions and organizations to save time and money from paperless enrollment, downstream reporting, compliance and document tracking. SRC identifies cumbersome, repetitive, counter-productive work procedures and replaces them with easy-to-use, intuitive solutions and streamlined digital processes. As a XEROX®Platinum Partner and an authorized reseller for Kofax, Surety and Recruit Manager, SRC provides solutions for both the public and private sector, including document management, workflow improvement and integration into numerous ERP systems. SRC Solutions, Inc.: Where process meets technology. For more information, please visit SRC Solutions at registrationgateway.com.



Xerox makes student registration at Pennsylvania school district as easy as ABCs

When the Wilkes-Barre School District in Pennsylvania decided to do something about its antiquated and arduous student enrollment process, it turned to Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) and a key Xerox partner, SRC Solutions Inc.

The companies created a digital enrollment system that combines Xerox advanced multifunction systems (MFPs), a customized scanning solution from SRC, and Xerox’s DocuShare document management software. The system, which automates and digitizes much of the old manual process, will enable the 7,000-student district to reduce the registration process from two weeks per child to just 30 minutes. In addition to saving the district invaluable time, errors will be reduced and management and archiving dramatically improved.

The solution relies on Xerox’s Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) technology, which is built into many of the company’s MFPs. Based on Web standards, EIP allows independent software vendors and developers to create applications for MFPs, such as scan-to-email, that make it easier to move hard-copy documents into digital files. In addition, EIP lets developers customize the MFPs’ touch screens for use by specific individuals or workgroups.

SRC Solutions’ Registration Gateway application leverages EIP to provide school administrators an intuitive way to scan, index and validate student records. For the Wilkes-Barre solution, SRC also integrated Registration Gateway with Xerox’s DocuShare CPX enterprise content management software. To round out the solution, SRC integrated Streem Communications L.L.C.’s Fax and Alert Notification applications.

With the new solution, which will be rolled out over the next six months, student forms will be scanned in directly at Xerox MFPs located in all Wilkes-Barre schools, and routed – automatically from the devices – to their proper locations in the school district’s Xerox DocuShare system. Afterward, administrators will be able to access those records directly from the touch screen of a Xerox EIP-enabled device. When a student is selected, an image of the child will be displayed directly on the MFP screen, along with the student’s record and a list of required and outstanding registration documents. To input documents, school personnel will simply select the document they’re ready to file, such as a birth certificate, and scan it directly into the student’s record.

The Registration Gateway solution will change the way we do business as a school district and put our resources where we need them – shaping the minds of students. Xerox’s EIP platform delivers on the promise of technology by taking advantage of the network and hardware we are investing in to create a simplified workflow that allows us to work easier, faster and better.

–  Charolette Kordek, Director of Information Management, Wilkes-Barre School District

Previously, all records for the 7,000-student district were copied, placed in hard copy folders and physically transferred from department to department and school to school for filing. This took energy and time away from school administrators and parents, as well as occupying precious district storage space.

Xerox unveiled the first software solutions and a new developers program for EIP one year ago at the AIIMexpo/ON DEMAND Conference & Exposition 2007. Since then the company has received nearly 1,000 applications to download the development kit. In addition, there are now more than 19 EIP-enabled software solutions available worldwide, and EIP is now available on 21 Xerox office MFPs.

“The enthusiastic response of developers, system integrators and end users tells us that EIP is meeting a critical need for solutions that take the complexity out of day-to-day office processes,” said Roger Ellefson, manager of Solutions Marketing, Xerox Office Group. “EIP is just one way that Xerox is making work easier for customers and helping to reduce the time and money spent handling documents.”

System integrators and developers like SRC Solutions are using EIP to do far more than sell a printer or piece of software. They can leverage the functionality of the multifunction device to quickly meet their customers’ needs with business process solutions.

“EIP makes every connection count for our company – technology, workflow, business and partner opportunities now have even more potential,” said Patrick Maher, president and founder, SRC Solutions. “Xerox’s EIP has allowed me to differentiate myself from the competition and open up new streams of revenue.”

About SRC Solutions With more than 5 million enrollments processed each year for schools, businesses and governments, SRC Solutions is the global leader in online registration. Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which specializes in identifying cumbersome, repetitive and counter-productive work practices and replacing them with easy-to-use, innovative digital processes.

As a XEROX® Platinum Partner and an authorized reseller for Kofax, Surety and Recruit Manager, SRC provides solutions for both the public and private sector, including document management, workflow improvement and integration into numerous ERP systems. SRC Solutions: Breaking the boundaries of paper.


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